Monday, February 12, 2007

Great Lies

This one is "computers will make our lives easier." Yeah, right up there with the "paperless office."

My office computer has a 37.2 GB hard drive. According to my computer, I have 3.58 GB of available space. A week ago, that number was around 19 GB. Where has the space gone? I don't know, but also gone is any access to my jpegs (the big space hogs on the hard drive) or my old e-mail, my ability to access the office share drive, and the rest of my files.

Why? Because the IT department decided to change things without giving us an opportunity to clear out the drives and the IT guy came and launched a file transfer without taking into account the size of my drive, and, I'll bet, the size of any swap file I might need. So now, I can't do anything. He had a really condescending attitude when I tried to ask him about what he was doing and what I was going to do if the transfer didn't work the SECOND time he tried it (and left before I got the lovely error message.)

I've been trying to produce an annual report for the department. All of those photographs, the data files, and my design work is now somewhere in the ether. Fortunately, I did have cd back up of many of the photographic files, but now I've got to go searching cds I made before I took a class in digital asset management. Ain't that fun?

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