Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Oh Where, Oh Where Has My Little Horse Gone?

For the past year or two, I've had a silhouette of an Arabian horse very similar to the one here (without the circle around it) on each side of my car. The pair of magnetic vinyl decals were about 8 x 10 inches overall, and it made it very easy to spot my car.

We went to a wedding reception in Granada Hills on Saturday, and, when I went to pick up Len, he didn't recognize the car because the decals were gone.

I got them at the Calabassas Saddlery Sale on the deep discount table where I think the original price was around $30 (at which I wouldn't have bought them--then) but I probably paid less than a third of that. I've only been able to locate much smaller ones so far on-line, which is incredibly frustrating. So if you see a pair of the large Arabian magnetic decals, let me know.

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