Friday, December 5, 2008

The Shoes Don't Fit

I've got a high level of frustration right now because the Old Mac Boots I ordered for Ace and for which I paid a premium for expedited shipping do not fit. Apparently, Gayle had an older sizing chart from the catalogue and we ordered based on that. The boots are much too small--small pony sized. Now, I've got to send them back and hope that the next pair actually fit. Because he has virtually no heel on his left fore hoof, it looks like his foot is much longer than it actually is--he's as hard to fit as I am. He's also missing hoof wall on that foot because of the seedy toe and the trim the vet did.

I think that Victoria mentioned some soft boots. I'd sure like the information about them because I'm afraid he's going to bruise himself on the rocks in the arena if I let him out without a foot covering. He's definitely getting stir crazy.


Anonymous said...
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Flying Lily said...

It's so worth it to fuss with fit and get it right. I did a trail camping trip with some folks who had ill-fitting easy-boots on their horses and we spent so much time stopped, in search of the lost boot.

Victoria Cummings said...

I have been using Soft Ride Boots. ( which I borrowed from Arlene and Jacquie. They got them for their rescue mare, Sweetie, and when she no longer needed them and Siete was sore, I was fortunate enough to be able to use them. I love the Old Mac boots, but these Soft Ride boots are so easy to put on and Siete doesn't care at all that she's wearing them. They must be sized properly, but I was lucky that Sweetie's feet are the same size as Siete's. I think they're a 7. Anyway, check out the webiste and see what you think. I'm so sorry to hear about Ace's problems - as you know, I can truly sympathize!! I also really like that iodine "sauce" made by Sore No More - it seems to really soothe Siete's bruised soles on her back feet. I can see the relief it gives her right away.

M. C. Valada said...

I checked out the Soft-ride boots, but I can't figure out if they can be worn while the horse is being ridden. So confusing.

He's using a borrowed Boa Boot right now, which looks a little bit big on him, but stays on as he goes bucking and rearing. He's moving smoothly, but the boot changes the sound just a bit.

After he gets the other shoe pulled and his feet trimmed, I'll measure again and order the boots. That should be this weekend or next.