Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Autumn Arrives

I seem to have found a few days of respite. I finished a blog that will be posted elsewhere (and I'll do a link when it finally gets put up), provided the accountant with information for our taxes (which we'll file after Len adds money to his retirement fund later today), and I'm ready to take an overnight trip to Phoenix to the wedding of my first-cousin-once-removed (whom I look forward to meeting.) I hear the weather will be warmer than it is here in L.A. right now.

The rain started on Monday night as I drove home from talking about copyright to the Women's Artistic Network in Camarillo. It came down much harder yesterday and I had trouble sleeping because of the noise on the plastic awning outside our bedroom window. I hope that the roofers covered things at our house, because I would hate to lose to the rain the rest of the comic books in the garage that the thieves didn't get.

There will be no riding today. Gayle said she's cutting trenches and Ace is irritated that she's not feeding him every time she walks in and out of the gate. I hear that the Santa Cruz area got 10" of rain, scary for the areas where there was fire earlier this year. My friend Erin can't get to her horses again because of mud-slide fears in the L.A. burn areas. Roads have been closed, but we haven't had quite the levels of rain the north has, at least not yet.

We do need the rain. I hope it brings the roses at my house back from near dead. I went into my garden and looked at dead grape vines and tomato plants and herbs and wanted to cry. I had finished planting the garden, putting several hundred dollars into it, the night before the fire. What a shame.


Grey Horse Matters said...

The weather sounds awful. Hope you have a wonderful time at the wedding and get to relax for a little while.

M. C. Valada said...

I had a great time, even though Ace came down with a strange "not himselfness" on Thursday, which required calling in the vet the next day. It wasn't colic, he just wasn't eating with his usual enthusiasm (including his supplements), his temp was on the high end of normal, and he was pouting in his house. Dr. Perdue couldn't find anything wrong either, just that he clearly wasn't himself. He gave Ace a shot of Banimine, to try and encourage his eating if there's a problem with his throat, and took some blood. I don't have those results yet, but Gayle gave him orchard hay as a substitute for some of the three-way and he has been eating it. We'll see. While he certainly let us know he's not right, he can't tell us exactly what is wrong.