Thursday, May 24, 2007

Riding Lesson

Last night, I took a lesson in my Cadillac of a dressage saddle for the second time. I feel like I am bouncing on the back of the horse and that the saddle makes a terrible squeaking sound. I suppose that will get better as the saddle breaks in, but until then, it is a bit disconcerting.

The horse seems mostly happy with the saddle unless it slips into his shoulder blade. Then he does what my friend Melinda calls "the flamingo." He lifts his left leg and stands on three feet. Because I don't see it very often when I ride the western saddle, and I used to see it when I rode in my other dressage saddle, it suddenly struck me that he's been trying to tell me something. In fact, when the saddle is placed correctly, he's fine. It was only after I had ridden for a while that he did it and we discovered the saddle had slipped. I may have to spring for that more expensive, newer model girth to keep things where they belong.

I had a lot of trouble keeping my toes turned in while moving my hips forward last night. Practice, practice, practice.

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