Saturday, May 19, 2007

This Old House, Part 3

Victory can be so short-lived. Len agreed to the window to the living room and we open the wall to discover a pipe and a supporting beam in the friggin' way. Looks like the end of that plan, much to my disappointment.

For a brief point, it looked like we were back to track lighting again for the kitchen, but I think we dodged that bullet. Len got carried away with the decision to go fluorescent and bought units which were in frames that matched the spice rack Bill put in last fall. I had really expected him to go out and buy utilitarian versions which would permit Bill to do whatever needed to be done to make them work. My big concern was the mounting, but I figured Bill could insert cross-supports if necessary. Well, the expensive units Len bought have a box which needs to go on top and would normally be set into a dropped ceiling, which we don't have. Sigh. But Bill's figured out a work around, after the passing panic that they needed to go back to Lowe's.

The new fan/light combination is very bright.

I wonder if I will have a sink again by the end of the day.

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