Friday, September 19, 2008

Animal Rescue in a Depressed Economy

If anyone in my part of Southern California is working with a horse or dog rescue program, I'd love to have you get in touch. I'm supposed to be doing an audio slide show due on October 7 for the multimedia storytelling class I'm taking and I've decided to do a piece on how the economy is having an adverse effect on our animals. I intend to get in touch with the shelter up in Santa Clarita which had to take in the horses from the rescue place that wasn't feeding or watering them and the people at the Southern California Golden Retriever Rescue have told me that they are getting animals in more quickly than they can get them adopted because of the economy. I'd also like to talk to someone who runs a boarding facility where people have just walked away from their horses, which I hear is going on a lot. Any suggestions would be welcome.


Cheryl Ann said...

How about Joe Shelton of TB Friends? He is near Sacramento. Joe rescues thoroughbreds. Many come to him right off the track.

Or there is Tranquility Farm, in Tehachipi, CA. She rescues thoroughbreds. Also, there is a Southern California Thoroughbred Rescue. I can send you their link, if you want.

There are a couple of German Shepherd rescues, too, in So. Calif.

M. C. Valada said...

Thanks, Cheryl. Tehachipi is fairly close and I'll find the German Shepherd rescues. What I'm really looking for is examples of people either abandoning their horses at stables or turning them in to rescues because of costs they can no longer afford. Rescuing track animals isn't quite the same thing.

Unknown said...

Hi Valada,

Best of luck for your new project. Nice thought to start on with.