Monday, September 15, 2008

Some Happy News

After months of missing out on adoptable Golden Retrievers, we got a call about a three year old dog before he his picture was posted on the Southern California Golden Retriever Rescue website. We drove out to Rancho Cucamonga to meet him--and we brought him home. I'll have pictures after his bad haircut grows out and a professional groomer gets to him. Apparently, he was neglected and terribly matted, and the kind person who cleaned him up cut off most of his feathers.

Our two old girls (Sheba will be 14 in December, Muffin will be 14 in February) are dealing with the new kid by requesting more attention (Sheba) or ignoring him (Muffin.) There's been no growling, barking, or blood, so things are settling in.

He does like to play. He'll catch a ball for as long as you will throw it. He leaps straight up into the air to catch. He's very good at tug of war. I see Frisbee and agility training in his future.

He pulls on a lead, but he knows his own name and stops on a dime if he's called. And he's house trained. All important points.

Len let him on the bed with us last night. It's been four or five years since either of the girls could get up on the bed. I woke up to find him under the covers. He's quite a bed warmer, which will be more appreciated in January than in September.

There's nothing more fun than a house full of Golden Retrievers, if you can live with the hair.


Victoria Cummings said...

How great to have a dog on the bed! I miss it since Pepper is too old and frail to even make it up the stairs anymore. I'm glad your old girls are accepting the new boy - what's his name? We want pictures!

M. C. Valada said...

His name is Dexter, which he answers to quite well. There will be pictures. Soon.