Thursday, March 5, 2009

Surprise on the Farm

They found a cow corpse in what was once a compost toilet container of some sort on campus. It was used many years ago to turn cow poop into a liquid fertilizer which the campus was permitted to use on the fields it grew. Since the dairy was ignominiously disappeared (and yes, that's exactly what I meant to type) years ago, and people forget about these things, a construction crew stumbled upon it today.

The cow, surprisingly, had not totally turned to bone. It was somewhat preserved until brought out into the air. I understand the smell is pretty bad as it is now on its way to putrification. The professor who was in charge of the dairy was prompted to remember that the cow fell in the container (I know there's another word to use, but I can't remember it right now) and there may also be a few dead calves disposed of in the same general vicinity. Yuck.

My immediate thought was they should get the cow bones cleaned up and have it reassembled for the Ag department collection of skeletons, but I doubt they will want the stench around any longer than necessary. Ah, the circle of life.

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