Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Al Gore Was No Dunce

Evgenia Peretz wrote a great article in Vanity Fair about the skewed coverage Al Gore got from the media in 2000. Heinlein said something along the lines that "intelligence is not a crime, but most people treat it like at least a misdemeanor" and this article supports that notion in a big way. So many things that Mr. Gore said were distorted by the press with the effect of turning him into a laughing stock, thus creating an even playing field for the Pretender. What a disservice the press did to the American people and the world by that kind of coverage.

Last night, Keith Olbermann did another great commentary on his show Countdown, repeatedly calling the Pretender out as a liar. I'm sure that the Pretender (or his handlers) regrets that he gave interview time to Robert Draper for Dead Certain, a book I hadn't planned on reading until last night. The Pretender's been playing at world leader and playing with the lives of our citizens. Will the word actually get out.

IMPEACH REMOVE JAIL as the slogan says over at Perceval Press. I'd really rather not have to wait 500 days to see these monsters out of office. The Democrats better start standing their ground.

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