Sunday, September 9, 2007

Theatre Time

Last night, we went to see Falsettos in a benefit performance for The Actors' Fund. Len had seen it before, I had not. Virtually every word is sung, so being able to understand the words is pretty important. Unfortunately, the sound was a little harsh and I couldn't understand it all. I heard enough to get by, but I missed some great lines.

The show combines two other, shorter pieces the first of which concerns a married man coming out of the closet and the effect it has on his wife and son and the second takes place several years later with the rise of the unknown disease we know call AIDS. Len and I and the friend with whom we attended the show all talked about losing friends to the epidemic. Then our friend mentioned having a gay colleague who has never known anyone who's died from it. What a change from a short time ago.

Tonight we're off to back-to-back performances of What's My Line Live on Stage. Len's not on the panel, but I will be shooting stills from my aisle seat in the second row. Len will help wrangle the panelists. I can't wait to see who they got as mystery guests for this charity event.

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