Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Know Your Enemy, Part 2

See, I told you it might be an ongoing topic.

Today's award for Worst Persons in the World go to MSNBC News and, belatedly, to ABC News, both organizations which have excluded Dennis Kucinich from the presidential debates.

Has anyone excluded Rudy Giuliani yet for his poor performances? How about Fred Thompson? I don't think so.

But somehow, a candidate who addresses serious issues (and who, frankly, is saying things that real Democrats should not be afraid to say) who has not dropped out of the race, is judged by the broadcast media as not worth of addressing the American people.

I do not want the media deciding who I get to hear, no matter if this has been a successful tactic in the past. See what happens when you let conglomerates take over your news sources? Vertical integration makes a mockery of our anti-trust laws. Where is Teddy Roosevelt when you really need him?

I have not yet determined just who I am voting for. I thought that Richardson actually had the best resume for the job of President. Of the remaining candidates, I'm still undecided. Hillary Clinton and Dennis Kucinich both have long records as public servants. I like John Edwards and I like Barack Obama. I'm not that familiar with any of the remaining Democratic candidates (I think there is at least one other who hasn't dropped out of the race,) but I think I should be able to listen to what they have to say. It was a big mistake to loosen the equal access rules.

In addition to MSNBC's shameful conduct on the Kucinich matter (they've appealed the judge's ruling that the much include him--but what can you say about a company which won't work out a fair deal with writers either,) they've permitted Chris Matthews to flaunt his sexist attitudes toward Hillary Clinton. I'm deeply offended by his comments about what happened in New Hampshire last week. Exactly what is this man so afraid of? Emily's List has mounted a writing campaign about it and I sent an e-mail off earlier today. Please join in by linking here.

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