Monday, January 7, 2008

Strike Lines 2008

It's back to the picket lines for my writer friends and family. At least the rains have stopped this morning and there's blue sky to be seen. I know the WGA wanted a good turn out today and I hope they get it.

I haven't checked the other websites yet, but there was rumor that United Artists, currently headed by Tom Cruise, was ready to sign the WGA agreement. United Artists hasn't been a powerhouse in a long time, but it got its start with performers Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks, as I recall. It is the kind of place which would seem a likely candidate for solidarity with the writers.

How long will it take for stockholders to look at what the studios, networks, and AMPTP are doing before they start yelling "enough!"? The WGA is willing to negotiate and the terms they are asking are fair and reasonable. The late night comics are now reaching middle America, which may or may not have had a clue about things before last week (although I think it probably did--even in middle America box office returns are discussed on Monday morning.) AMPTP is looking pretty bad and the WGA and SAG have managed to pretty much scuttle the Golden Globes ceremony (as others have said, at least something good is coming out of this strike.)

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