Sunday, November 2, 2008

Arrival in the Land of Enchantment

I just noticed my computer is on California time.

I got to my destination in New Mexico right on time this afternoon. I'm stunned that the train was actually early getting into Albuquerque, so there was a long lay over for folks who wanted to go out and shop. I figured I'd be back down tomorrow for my training, so I gave it a pass and enjoyed a little more quiet time in my roomette. We got to Lamy where I discovered I had no cell service to call my friend to pick me up. Fortunately, the pay phone did work and Melinda came and got me a little while later.

The weather was gorgeous today. When we drove to Union Station last night, it was raining. In fact, it rained most of yesterday in L.A. There was a storm early Saturday morning, but the rain managed to stop and hold back so I could have my lesson on Ace. I was told that water came down in sheets in Chatsworth around 5:30 a.m. There was less rain in Woodland Hills until the afternoon, when poor Muffin was asleep outside and stayed laying out in the rain until Len went out and literally had to drag her inside. It was so sad. We bundled her up in a towel and an old bath robe to dry her off.

My train left L.A. at 6:45. I had dinner at 7:30 and was back in my roomette by about 8:45 and decided to go to sleep. It's very relaxing to sleep on the train, listening to the sound of the rails. At one point I woke up and looked out the window--the stars were so bright, I could see them without my glasses. I think we were near Flagstaff or Winslow. Lots of empty space with no streetlights to obscure the heavens.

We crossed over into New Mexico at breakfast time and I watched Gallup go by the window. I've stopped there to fill up my tank going west a couple of times. It's a lot more relaxing to let someone else do the driving.

Melinda and I went into Santa Fe for dinner. The restaurant was pretty empty. It's between summer tourist season and ski season, so things are quite quiet. I'm hoping to get to the Georgia O'Keefe Museum on Wednesday, which I've never had a chance to visit. And I'm planning to get to the Nambe outlet--I love Nambe serving pieces.

But tomorrow, I got to Albuquerque to get trained for my duties on Tuesday. Melinda's going to be at Obama HQs in Santa Fe on Tuesday and we are planning to gather to watch the returns after the polls close with some other friends. We're hoping for a celebration, not a wake.

Vote. It does count.


Grey Horse Matters said...

Traveling through the west by train sounds great. Love the starry skies out there at night, they seem so close, like you can reach up and touch them. You sound like your going to have a wonderful and busy trip.

M. C. Valada said...

The sky tonight was spectacular and the crescent moon stunning. It's quite a lot colder at night than during the day, so I've borrowed a down jacket to get me through the early morning and evening hours of election day. No rain is forecast, but it might get windy.

I got to watch Melinda's lesson on Vento this afternoon before I went down to Albuquerque, so I'll have pictures to post later. He's just a beautiful horse and he's got such a gentle personality. And he's quite a flirt. I wrote about Vento last December when Melinda came out and bought him. They are a really nice match.

Victoria Cummings said...

This sounds like a wonderful trip - You're in one of my favorite parts of the world. I wish I could go shopping with you! Have fun with Melinda - we'll look forward to photos of Vento.