Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Proud of the USA and Los Angeles, Disappointed in California

I'm home again and mostly rested from the New Mexico adventure. If you are taking an overnight train ride, a roomette is the way to go. On the way home, I didn't have one. The young woman in the next seat kept hitting my legs as she climbed over me during the night and kicked me in the side two or three other times in her sleep. Then there were the people with headphones which did nothing to block the sound (they'll be deaf a lot earlier in life than I will) and the people who had to check e-mail every 15 minutes--the light is blinding when you are otherwise in the dark. Next time, it's either a sleeper or I'll have to fly.

The USA elected Barack Obama and Los Angeles soundly defeated Proposition 8. Unfortunately, the rest of the state (except for San Francisco, I'm pretty sure) didn't see this assault on equal protection for what it is. I just read the papers which have been filed to overturn the effects of 8 on the basis that it is a revision of the California State Constitution, not an amendment, and therefore illegal. It seems like a sound argument to me. Keith Olbermann did a special comment about this strange result last night. I'm surprised that he had such a hard time identifying anyone in his extended family who is gay. I came up with several without any effort. In terms of friends, I couldn't even begin to do a count. When you live and work among artists, you are in the most accepting of communities. I hope that Proposition 8 comes to a quick and deserving end.

Ace, for all who may be wondering, was glad to see me, although a bit stand-offish when I first showed up, as if to say "where the hell have you been?" He may have a "hot" nail from his visit from the farrier on Saturday. I noticed a bob during lessons yesterday and Gayle called to say it doesn't show at the walk or slow trot, but he's dead lame when he moves out. Left front hoof, of course. I've called Tim and I hope he can get out to see Ace before leaving for a trip home later this week. Poor Ace.

I haven't done more than load into Lightroom the 1000+ images I took in New Mexico. Most of them were of my friend Melinda riding Vento, the wonder stallion from Brazil, so there'll be heavy editing of the blurry images. Pixels are so much cheaper than film, so I don't skimp on the making images end of things. Melinda rode in an enclosed, indoor arena, so it was slow shutter speed, little depth of field, and high ISO. Not the best combination for great pictures, but I've probably got a few nice images in there. The pictures of her house are quite nice, though. Eventually, I'll put some up here.

We're having a brief bit of autumn out here. It was chilly last night and this morning, but 90 degree temperatures are promised for the end of the week.


kathy said...

Were you living here in California in 2000? Because while I'm more disappointed than I can say in Prop. 8's passing, it wasn't nearly the blow that Prop. 22's passing (62%-38%) in 2000 was to me. Prop. 22 had the same wording as Prop. 8, but was for a statute, instead of monkeying with the state constitution.

As for who voted which way, here's the by-county map. It was pretty much SF Bay Area vs. the rest of the state, but it wasn't just San Francisco. Santa Barbara was in it, too. And L.A. was 50.5% to 49.5%.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Welcome home! Hope Ace's foot is fixed soon so you can ride. Can't wait to see your pictures of the stallion.

M. C. Valada said...

Kathy: Wow! I'd been told the LA numbers were overwhelmingly against 8, but your map says otherwise. Those two counties in the Sierras are interesting. What else is located there? Thanks for providing the information.

I was here in 2000, btw.

Arlene: Tim redid Ace's feet yesterday and Gayle is going by to check him out for me before my scheduled lesson at 5:15. I hope he's back to normal.

My friend Melinda's in town for a few days and I found her a lovely white stallion glass ornament for her tree. Now she has to figure out how to get it back to New Mexico without breaking it. She called it her Vento bust.

I hope you are well on the road to recovery.