Saturday, May 17, 2008

On a Very Hot Saturday

It is day two of an intensive workout in digital work flow and Adobe Lightroom called the D-65 Workshop. I love it. Today, we've got one of the Adobe developers in to speak. On Monday, I'll probably join Seth Resnick in talking about copyright issues. I'm only a recovering attorney, not a recovered one.

I'm in Hollywood, where it tends to be somewhat cooler than in the Valley. I spoke to Len a few minutes ago and he says it is unbelieveably hot. I guess it is a good weekend not to be out riding in Chatsworth. Poor Ace. He's still getting worked this weekend. I'm in an air conditioned studio and I won't be leaving until hours from now.

As I drove in this morning, I was screaming at the radio. There was an interview with the pretender going on. He never answered a direct question--always changed it to something he wanted to say to deflect responsibility for the economy, the fuel crisis, the housing debacle. I just keep counting down.

Last night, I was extremely pleased to see that Chris Matthews didn't let a Bush flack get away with throwing the "appeasement" buzz word around. He realized immediately that the flack didn't know what Neville Chamberlain did, when it happened, or why. I guess the session went on for more than five minutes live, with the idiot just ranting louder and louder about Obama being "an appeaser." I haven't been happy with Chris Matthews' behavior of the last 7 years, when he's been willing to let the Bushies get away with anything. I guess now that the wind has changed, he has developed some testosterone.

And how about people jumping all over McCain's less than straight-talk express? Or the idiotic remark that Mike Huckabee made about the noise at his appearance this week. Real Christian of him, wasn't it? Nice example for a minister to be making in such a public place.

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Grey Horse Matters said...

Sounds like interesting work. I can't tell you how many times I've screamed at the TV or radio in the last 7 plus years. I can't take much more. Anyway stop by when you get the chance and pick up an award. Stay cool!