Monday, May 12, 2008

Sick Day

I took a sick day from work today. My sore throat reached that feeling of glass going down with a swallow. Fortunately, I've got my doctor's home number and he immediately said "infection" after I described the symptoms. Len went off to the pharamcy and 12 hours later, I could swallow again without pain. Aren't antibiotics wonderful?

There are four advantages of "employment" over "self-employment:" a regular paycheck (which allows you to budget, even if you could make more money in less time if you are self-employed), health insurance (prohibitively expensive if you are a sole proprietor), paid vacations, and paid sick days.

Although this was not a good day to take off, with all the things I need to do for Thursday's Bike to Work Day, the world doesn't end if I don't show up. In a sole proprietorship, if I don't work, it doesn't get done. I spent several San Diego Comicons working on pleadings for lawsuits when I should have been on vacation. That I don't miss at all.

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