Thursday, May 22, 2008

When TiVO Fails

Apparently, our digital recorder, courtesy of Time Warner Cable, can't automatically extend itself when a show runs late. So instead of seeing the crowning of the new American Idol last night, we got "and the winner is....David" followed by the sound you hear when someone is clearing their throat or trying to say the first syllable of Channukka way back by their tonsils. This was accompanied by the "do you want to erase window." So we did not get to see the thrill of victory, agony of defeat moment.

Not that I want to suggest that there was anything funny going on, but on Tuesday night it sure looked like the judges wanted David A. to win, even though at home we thought David C. did the better performances. So much so, that when David C. was overcome with emotion, I wondered whether he had been told the younger kid was going to win, come hell or high water. Then, earlier on the show on Wednesday, when Simon Cowell did his apology to David Cook for the comments the judges made on Tuesday, I wondered whether the producers and judges had gotten some sort of heads up that David A. had been on the receiving end of the voting trounce. 56% to 44% in voting is a huge difference in a competition which has usually been much tighter.

We were rather blown away by David A. at the beginning of this season, but as the show progressed, David Cook won us over. He had some absolutely amazing performances and his victory was hard earned. Good for him.

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Grey Horse Matters said...

TiVo gets us sometimes too. I hope they come up with a better system sometime soon.
I agree with you about American Idol, we all thought that David A. would win, given that Simon really gave David C. an unfair judging the night before. I couldn't have been more surprised when Cook won it, I thought the other kid had it in the bag (and so did he). I like Cook's whole personality for a young kid and think he is the bigger talent and much more marketable than Archuleta. I sometimes wonder if things aren't rigged too, I guess that's the cynicism that comes with age, but I now feel this was on the up and up. I was also happy to hear he won by something like 12 million votes.