Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Earthquake Update

The phones are working again and there's no discernible damage at the house, so we've survived the latest rocking. It does make me wish our carpenter had finally come back and put doors on the cabinets where my glasses reside and I'm hoping Len will run out for more Quake-hold.

It is the only topic of conversation here at the moment, and I think the television is having a field day covering nothing. So here's a possible story:

Today is the first day of the July 2008 California Bar Examination. Two of the locations, the Ontario Convention Center and the Anaheim Convention Center are a lot closer to the epicenter than I am. What happened? Were the students disrupted from the exam? Will they be allowed to make up time or will they be just as screwed as the five people who ran to help the guy having a seizure when I took the exam in Feburary 1993. That turned out to be embarrassing for the State Bar President when Jay Leno had a field day. I hope, if students had to abandon their exams, that the time will be made up.

In any case, on Saturday I'm having dinner with two recent graduates who are taking the exam this go round, probably in Ontario. I can't wait to hear their experience.


Victoria Cummings said...

Thanks for the updates on the quake - I'm glad that everyone is safe and taking it in stride. It brought back memories for us of Northridge - we were only about 10 miles from that one. I hope that Ace didn't get too freaked out today.

M. C. Valada said...

Were you that close? We were only several miles away here in Woodland Hills, but I had friends in Northridge who wound up underneath bookshelves that ripped out of the walls. I'll update on Ace as soon as I get up to the barn this afternoon. I haven't called Gayle or Gina to check them out.

It was more like the Lander quake in 1992(?) than Northridge: big motion that rocked on and on, little damage because it was far enough away.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Must be hard to experience and earthquake no matter what kind it is. Hope Ace and the barn are okay, good to hear there was no real damage to your home.

Grey Horse Matters said...

p.s. stop by and pick up and award when you get the chance!

M. C. Valada said...

Ace was fine when I got to the barn. I was told by Gina that all of the horses came out of the shed row, went to the ends of their paddocks, and looked to the northwest. Since the quake came from the southeast, I think they must have been following the sound of the waves as they went on to Santa Barbara. I heard tales that after the '94 quake many horses would not go into enclosed stalls. At least in Chatsworth, our horses were doing just fine. I couldn't speak for Chino Hills, where the quake had its epicenter.

Oooo. An award. Thanks, Arlene. I'll be by to pick it up.