Friday, July 18, 2008

Horses in Need of Rescue

Accounts of people who can't keep horses and of horses rescued from animal cruelty are increasing faster than our "mental recession." Arlene at Grey Horse Matters recently rescued two Arabians (she was willing to take three, but a home was found for one of the two stallions) and Victoria at Teachings of the Horse wrote about attempts by BLM to start slaughtering horses again.

Here in L.A., I got an e-mail about a pair of Tennessee Walkers available for adoption and ETI Corral 36 sent out a newsletter with a notice of 70--yes seventy--horses in need of fostering out of an Animal Control shelter near Castaic.

The 70 horses were from a herd of 100 taken from Equus Sactuary in June, where they were found with no food and little water. The caretaker has been sentenced to almost 3 years in state prison after she pleaded no contest to felony animal cruelty charges. Applications to foster and eventually adopt one or more of the horses may be obtained by calling 562-658-2000.

If I had my own horse property, I'd be going out to Castaic to look at the horses this weekend. I wish I could afford to take on another mouth to feed, but I'm paying four times as much as I paid to keep the Arabian Prince in food and shelter two years ago and I don't think we've even begun to see the jump in hay prices I'm afraid will come with the push to plant corn for fuel rather than food crops.


Grey Horse Matters said...

70 horses is quite a lot to find homes for, I am happy to see that at least the owner/offender did get punished for what has happened to those poor things.
We all do what we can, and it is expensive to keep and feed one horse in a boarding situation, so no one can be expected to take on another horse. I think it's only possible if you have your own horse property and even then it is expensive. You are right about the prices going up I wish people would realize corn is not the answer to the fuel crisis. It takes more money to produce the ethanol than it is worth. Such stupidity.
I have a bad feeling that the horses are going to suffer more and more because of this recession and the state of affairs this country is in. What a shame it has come to this because of a handful of greedy, inept b...never mind.

Strawberry Lane said...

Such a sad time for horses. There is no punishment severe enough for those that neglect/mis-treat animals.

And now, we have the BLM, again! It's just too much!

Cheers for Arlene at Grey Horse Matters! You mentioned 2 Tenn. Walkers for adoption. Do you have further info on them.

How I wish I had a huge barn! I'd be on my way.

M. C. Valada said...

Here's the e-mail I got about the Tennessee Walkers. The shelter must be in Agoura, California, at the western edge of Los Angeles County:

Just wanted to pass on that the Agoura Animal Shelter has a couple
horses that are now up for adoption. - 2 Tennesee Walkers, one has a 2 month old foal by her side (sire

Also, they said that someone has turned in 40 horses (unable to care
for them) to another Shelter. They are being processed now and may be
available soon. I/they don't know yet what type, breeds, colors, ages, etc. these horses are. The Agoura Shelter may get a few of these horses. They're not sure.