Sunday, February 22, 2009


We've got a group sitting in the living room cheering on the Oscars(R). We're having a great time and we think the show is absolutely brilliant (except for the piece introducing the Cinematography category) and Hugh Jackman is doing a fine job. I wondered how it was doing elsewhere.

My sister called from New York a few minutes ago and said "I know you love this man, but I think this is the worst Oscars I've ever seen!" She and I will have a long talk some other night. We are thrilled, absolutely thrilled that the last line of Hugh's opening number was "I'm Wolverine!" Yes, he is.

The supporting Oscar is about to be awarded. "The Dark Knight" just passed $1 billion dollars in world wide gross. And Heath Ledger just won best supporting actor. As well he should have. It was a breath-taking performance and so far superior to Jack Nicholson's Joker that they weren't even in the same galaxy.

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