Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Things You Will Never See Me Do on My Horse

Here's a few of the things we saw at the Festival of Horses the weekend before the Rose Parade in January. None of them are things I ever plan to do with Ace. In the image above, in a reenactment of a buffalo soldier activity, the rider laid down his horse to use as protection in a shoot-out (a particularly noisy activity in a covered arena.)

My poor sense of balance and my fear of heights would never allow me to stand up on my horse and swing a lasso around us both.

Trick riding at high speeds is something best left to young people who have no sense of their own mortality:
It's great fun to watch, but several of the riders hit the dust during the demonstrations. No one was hurt, since all of the riders got up and back on their horses. I'm not sure I would have done any of this when I was 12, even if I didn't have a fearful mother.


Flying Lily said...

Good Lord! Makes my heart race just to see still photos of that.

M. C. Valada said...

Oh to be young and immortal.