Thursday, February 5, 2009

Spare Time, What's That?

My last week or so has included a trip to the filming of "Big Bang Theory" and a back-stage meet and greet with the creators and cast, retail therapy at "Equine Affaire," co-hosting a party to watch the commercials on the Super Bowl--love those Clydesdales, catching a preview performance of "Minsky's" which should be moving on to New York this spring, and attending a party to celebrate the awarding of a Ph.D. at Cal Tech, to a young woman I've known since she was born.

The weather even permitted two lessons on Ace, but the gathering clouds outside my window suggest that there will be no lessons again until next week. We're expecting rain. Lots of rain. From several different storms. The warm sunny days are over for a while.

Len's on his way to New York for New York Comicon at the Javitz Center this weekend. My sister gets to be his date for the special parties and then the two of them will probably go to the theatre every night next week. Len is not looking forward to the face-burning cold of the East Coast.

I'll be working on taxes and moving furniture.


Victoria Cummings said...

What did you get at Equine Affaire? I prefer the California one to the East Coast. Did you get to see Mark Rashid? I think Len might get a break - it's warming up out here this weekend. If the temps go into the 30's, it feels like a heatwave!

M. C. Valada said...

I committed jewelry--a necklace of a mare and foal with the symbol for Cancer. I saw it on a website last year, but they were sold out before I got a chance to call. I bought the last one the dealer owned. I also picked up some supplements at a good discount.

Melinda was disappointed that there was so little in the way of English tack. There is a great deal more western stuff than when I first started attending, which was the second or third year it was held.

I didn't see Mark Rashid. Unlike in past years, it seemed that people only did one day of demonstrations, and if you didn't hit the right day, you were out of luck. Too bad. Harry Whitney did the introduction to one of Mark's books. I've done three clinics with Harry and I would love to go to Arizona for a week with him. Someday. He is not to be missed if he does a clinic in your neck of the woods.

I'm wishing I could go down to Mary's for their annual sale, but it is the weekend after I've got a four-day weekend at the school. Pity.

Flying Lily said...

Retail therapy - aahhhh. And 2 good lessons in one week - life is good.