Friday, January 19, 2007

How Quickly Things Change

I ordered a MacBookPro from the on-line Apple Store after I got directed to the refurbished link. It should arrive any day now.

I was really glad to make that decision (even though it opens me to credit card indebtedness for a few months) after I attended a day and a half workshop on Digital Asset Management this week. A number of things worked better for those working on Mac than the few of us on PCs. Peter Krogh taught the class and did a great job.

Since I teach at a community college, I can get education discounts and I've already ordered Adobe Creative Suite 2 and iView Media Pro 3 because of the DAM workshop and because I'm taking a 4 day digital photography workshop over next weekend. I expect to be fully exhausted on the night of January 29 and that my horse won't remember who I am.

The workshop was held at a place in Los Angeles known as The Big Blue Whale. It's real name is the Pacific Design Center. It is a monster of a building and I would have loved to actually visit the many businesses in side to look at furniture and accessories. I did walk by a bookstore which specializes in books about architecture. Who would guess there were so many books on architecture! I also looked through the window at a lamp shop and a place selling what looked like early 20th century silver and other things to place on display at one's home. My place is mostly decorated in late 20th century comic book. That's what happens when your spouse's characters are exploited in film and merchandise.

I had only enough time to grab take-out at the Wolfgang Puck restaurant there on Thursday. I would have like to sit down and be served. Several of the photographers were disappointed that none of Puck's pizzas were on the menu. Being from New York, I'm not enamored with Puck's pizza. Give me a greasy slice from some place on 7th Avenue any day. It was the last meal I had in New York before we caught our plane home on September 7, 2001. Haven't been back since and it doesn't really work to say to someone "oh, bring me back a pizza when you come to L.A." although we do ask for Breakstones Sour Cream and stuff from Zabar's on occassion.

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