Monday, January 22, 2007

Prepare to Say "Arrrgh"

I'm home feeling a little off today. Yesterday, we went off to "Pirate's Dinner Adventure" an interactive dinner theatre extravaganza near Disneyland, courtesy of our friend Sandy. The combination of dinner and loudness didn't quite sit right with me.

About three years ago, Sandy decided that we all needed fewer things and more experiences in our lives and, instead of Christmas presents, began paying for one big event to occur in the month or so after Christmas. The first year was a picnic lunch and tour of Descanso (someone correct my spelling) Gardens, famous for their gardenias (I think it is gardenias) followed by bowling at a small alley in Montrose (again, I think it was Montrose), after which everybody went Dutch for dinner though Sandy paid for everything up to that point.

Last year, it was a trip to a go-cart type place. I didn't go, but my husband and son had a great time.

As I said, yesterday was Pirate dinner theatre. I admire Sandy pulling this all together and paying for it (including chits toward the cocktail hour drinks.) I have no idea what the event actually cost, but Sandy had about 40 guests. The place did make a decent margarita (at a hefty price, but I got to keep the glass) and I will say husband and son had a rousing time. My son, who tends to be a bit shy, got truly into the shouting and booing. I thought the acrobatics were very impressive. The cocktail hour food was o.k.--especially the all-you-can-eat chilled shrimp--while the actual dinner was slightly better than that at Medieval Times (which has horses to make up for the mediocre food.) I will say that this event would be a huge experience for small children, who got to be part of the rescue of the princess.

We're betting that next year it will be a trip to newly renovated Griffith Observatory, which Sandy wanted to do this year but its reopening had it booked into the summer.

I think it's time for another trip to the medicine cabinet.

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