Tuesday, January 23, 2007

We've Achieved Mac

The MacBookPro arrived yesterday, and so did the Adobe CS2.3 package, complete with Acrobat 8 and the latest version of Dreamweaver (the new Adobe configuration.) I got the battery charged and looked at the set-up instructions. The computer has to be on-line for the initial set-up. Therein lies a problem. My spousal unit doesn't like to share his high-speed line (why he didn't have the installers wire the other two rooms with computers, I don't know) and the MacBookPro doesn't come with a dial-up modem.

What was missing from the software delivery was iView Media Pro 3. Why weren't they in the same box? They were ordered with expedited delivery. Do you suppose I'll get a refund for the shipping? I doubt it.

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