Sunday, January 28, 2007

These Old Eyes

The Mac and I are getting used to each other, but would someone please tell me how to increase the size of the type I'm looking at? My eyes are too old to be reading what looks like 6 point type on this screen and I can't figure out how to increase it. I'm sure there's some simple solution, but the Mac maven running the seminar I'm taking couldn't find it either.

The D-65 work flow seminar I'm taking is great. I don't understand everything, but at least I'm getting some of it. I actually figured out how to do a custom white balance with my camera tonight. Of course, shooting at 1/4 second is a little iffy, but the object is just to go through the work-flow procedures again tomorrow, not to make award-winning photographs.

It is so great to connect with members of the photographic community again. There are 35 people in the workshop and some have come from as far as Singapore. There are four people from Nebraska and someone from Ithaca, a doctor, the photographer for UC Davis, the creator of the Day in the Life projects (like me, trying to learn to do digital right), the head of photography at an Inland Empire community college district, and a number of photographers from here in Los Angeles. For some of the folks, it's their second time through the course and I'm told (by them) that the material has changed tremendously in the three or four years since they last took it. God knows the technology keeps changing.

At least I'll have a clue as to what I'm going to teach this semester. I'm really convinced that we've got to get our students shooting RAW rather than jpegs. I'm sold on the format after just a little bit of shooting and processing in it. It makes much more sense for long-term accessiblility.


kathy said...

There is no way to change the font size directly. There used to be in OS9, but I think they got tired of people rendering everything in display fonts or something. Yes, OSX can be stupid, too. You basically have three choices: 1) reduce the screen resolution (System Preferences -> Displays), 2) use System Preferences -> Universal Access to zoom the bit you have trouble reading, or 3) use a third-party add-on like Shapeshifter and have it break when you upgrade the OS.

Martha said...

Not sure about MacPros but on my Mac I've always been able to increase the font size in browser windows with the key combination of Command+ or the Apple key and the plus key. To reduce the size use the apple key and the minus key.

M. C. Valada said...

Thanks to both Kathy and Martha for your comments. I'll give them both a try when I get home tonight.

kathy said...

Found it. Dunno if it's new with the latest OSX update or what, but if you ctrl-click (or right-click) on the desktop, you can select "Show View Options" and set the font size. Ditto the Finder window.