Saturday, May 3, 2008


I couldn't bring myself to watch the Kentucky Derby last year. I was still feeling grief for the loss of Barbaro. After today, I may never watch it again.

We set the DVR as we ran out for lunch and when we came back home, it was just as the TV showed Big Brown as the unofficial winner. I wish I had waited a few more minutes before running back 90 minutes to the build up for the race.

My heart was with Eight Belles, a magnificent 17 hand filly. And what a race she had. And then disaster as she collapsed after coming in second. The camera showed her down on the track and then she was surrounded by the vet trucks. She was put down right on the track, both her front ankles broken.

Big Brown threw his rider when the filly collapsed near him. He ran a great race, despite whatever problems he may have with sore feet. But his race is overshadowed by the death on the track, one of many this year.

Is it that the Thoroughbreds are so in-bred that they are breaking down? If so, isn't it time for them to breed back in some Arabian blood to strengthen them? Or is it that the horses are raced too young in the U.S. and it is time to ban such early trauma on these animals.

Whatever the reason, the Triple Crown has dulled for me and I don't know if I can hold a Belmont Tea if Big Brown takes the Preakness.

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Grey Horse Matters said...

I had just come in from feeding and bringing the horses in when I saw the end of the race. I can't believe this happened again, and really think something needs to be done. This beautiful filly with great heart just broke down. I don't know what the solution is but in my opinion I feel all these horses are started way to young, before their bones have a chance to form. It is for no other reason that the almighty dollar, I think the owners and trainers really don't care much what happens to these horses, they have their pocketbooks in mind when they should have the horses' well being come first. It seems they really don't care as long as there is enough insurance on the horse. Oh well, enough to campaign another horse and perhaps buy a really huge ugly hat for next year. Sorry, I'm just really disillusioned yet again.