Friday, June 22, 2007

Happy Birthday, Gloria Benson, Wherever You Are

Today is June 22 and it is Gloria Benson's birthday. She was my best friend--and competitor--when we were little kids, especially from kindergarten until fifth grade, after which they closed the smaller elementary school in town and merged us with the larger, newer one. (This is still kind of funny, since the entire town was only about 4,000 people.) She lived across the street and across a field from my house--about a block away--until my parents moved to another house across town. Again, no big deal for a place with 5 stop lights. Nothing was more than about 2 miles away in town. She moved away when we were early teens, and I lost track of her during college.

I've got what a friend once called "great birthday database." I rarely forget when a friend's birthday or anniversary is once I learn it, and I've discovered that people are thrilled to be remembered, even if they don't actually want to remember how old they are getting to be.

I have no idea of what happened to Gloria Benson after college, but, wherever she is, I wish her a very happy birthday.


GloriaG said...

I am Gloria from Prospect Avenue.

If you are Mary from Walton, I would love to hear from you.

GloriaG said...

Are your from Walton?

My e-mail is

Your blog is great.