Monday, June 23, 2008

Comicon According to the Times

For those of you who might wonder about this Comicon thing I've mentioned a few times, here's an article in the New York Times. Mark Evanier, whose News from Me can be linked to over on the right, is quoted. We won't be standing out in the never-ending line with the poor people who don't buy tickets in advance. We've got ours and we'll be at the Eisner's sponsored by Lionsgate since Len is up for one. I hope that means Lionsgate is providing refreshments. You shouldn't have to pay for refreshments at an event where you are being honored.


Grey Horse Matters said...

Sounds like a fun night and no you shouldn't have to pay for refreshments when you're the one being honored. You certainly are a busy gal.

kathy said...

Trust them not to mention that last year was the first time ever the Con stopped selling tickets at the door (the fire marshall made the decision, not the Con, hence the inability to let people know ahead of time). ::eyeroll::

And the website is pretty good at showing up front that the four-day and Saturday memberships are already sold out.

I do, however, miss the days when Comic-Con was about the comics more than the movies and it was just a big party of like-minded folks who wanted to have a good time in a beach town instead of the Geek Pride Parade and Hollywood Tentpole Advertizing Extravaganza it is these days...