Monday, June 2, 2008

Keeping up with Big Brown

I've been thinking about finding the origin of the e-mail I got announcing Big Brown's signature deal with Nike for several days. A careful Google search turned it up so you can now enjoy it by clicking the link. It's a scream. And here's the one about his continuing three-year media silence. Of course, we know that horses can talk if we're just quiet enough to listen.

Here's an update on Big Brown's cracked hoof. This one is not a joke.

And here's the latest edition of Carnival of the Horses with a wide selection of blogs from all over about our favorite equines.

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Grey Horse Matters said...

The Nike and Media Silence articles were very clever. I enjoyed reading them. I didn't enjoy reading about B.B.'s quarter crack. I know they are doing innovative shoeing for him, I hope everything holds up and works out for him on Saturday, I would hate to see him injured because of that hoof. His owners don't have my support but the horse does.