Wednesday, June 18, 2008

He Left 64 in the Dust

Paul McCartney turned 66 today. He's three times as old as he was when we first saw him on Ed Sullivan. To paraphrase someone "who wants to see a 60 year old Beatle?" Amazingly, we do.

Unlike some of the other British Invasion performers, we've seen Paul age gradually, so it hasn't been a shock when I've seen him in pictures or on television (although the divorce did seem to put on a few years and lines that weren't there before.) This is in sharp contrast with watching Peter and Gordon or Gerry Marsden on the PBS British Invasion special. They were almost not recognizable and I couldn't tell which one was Peter and which one was Gordon.

Happy Birthday, Sir Paul. Still my favorite Beatle.


Grey Horse Matters said...

Sorry, George was my favorite Beatle, I thought he had a lot more class than either Paul or John, and Ringo is alright, he's was always just there banging on the drums.

M. C. Valada said...

As the Reader's Digest article proclaimed many years ago, Everybody Has a Favorite Beatle. My sister claimed George, my cousin got Ringo. None of us was interested in married John.

By the way, Arlene, I like your work space. Much tidier than mine ever is.