Monday, June 16, 2008

A Satisfying Award Show

I seem to spend most of Monday recovering from the weekend. I really need to get to bed earlier on Sunday night. But last night, I had to watch the Tony Awards and I couldn't watch them until most of the guests had left the birthday party I threw for my spousal unit.

The Tony Awards were pretty entertaining, and the show moved along quite well. In truth, that was probably helped along by being able to zip through the commercials, since we recorded the show and started at the beginning about an hour into it. My sister had called earlier in the evening to let me know the answer to the BIG QUESTION--how closely we needed to watch--because she had the results two hours before we did. The answer was "watch closely" because August: Osage County won best play, which meant my niece Kristina Valada-Viars would be going up on the stage with the rest of the cast for that acceptance speech.

Unfortunately, the camera crew never did a sweep across the cast to get a good look at all of the actors in the very large cast. It was disappointing to us watching a home, but I can only imagine the excitement my niece had being on stage at Radio City Music Hall, a place so big Len once set an aerial fight between Spider-man and the Green Goblin there (you can do anything in comic books.) I'm dying to hear who she met--Harry Potter himself was one of the presenters for best play. Kristina: if you're reading this, post a comment and let us know how the evening went.

August: Osage County took five of the seven awards for which it was nominated. It had two nominees for lead actress, so only the actress playing the mother won, and it lost for lighting design. It also won for featured actress, director, and one of the other technical awards (perhaps for set design, which is wonderful.) I suspect my niece stayed out late and slept in this morning.


Grey Horse Matters said...

How exciting to have your niece in a play that won a lot of awards. Even though I'm so close to the city I don't get in much to see plays anymore. Congratulations to your niece she must be on cloud nine. My son-in-law's aunt is an actress on Broadway and does some parts on TV. I'm guessing the next time she's in something I will more than likely make it into the city.
p.s. it's too bad I don't have your e-mail address I have a few great pictures of some folks from the White House I'm sure you would enjoy. If I could figure out a way to post them here I would. Hope you get some sleep.

M. C. Valada said...

Arlene: you can e-mail me at

I just spoke to my sister who said Kristina was in the third balcony at Radio City, so she didn't get to the stage when the play won, but she had a very good time at the party immediately after the awards. She had a great night--apparently she was busy texting her sister during the show. It's so great that the girls have a good relationship.

Victoria Cummings said...

It's a wonderful play - how great for your niece. I have a friend, Jeff Perry, who is also in the cast. I'm always glad when awards ceremonies actually honor the really good ones instead of getting political.

M. C. Valada said...

I'll mention your friend's name to Kristina, Victoria. He may be the gentleman who has been teaching an acting workshop during the day that she's been taking. It sounds like you've actually been to the city to see the play. Lucky you. I was quite annoyed that the Washington Post gave away some of the play's secrets in the article it wrote about the nominated productions.