Thursday, April 15, 2010

Season Finale

Last night, Len and I headed over to the Warner Bros. lot to watch the season finale to Human Target. If you didn't watch it, I hope you recorded it. It rocked.

We spent a lot of time talking to Chi McBride (who plays Winston) after the screening. He saw us coming and threw open his arms for a hug to "Mr. & Mrs. Len." He's fabulous & Len's been having a blast writing his character in the 6-issue HT miniseries he's writing (Issue #3 came out this week.) Neither Jackie Earle Hailey nor Mark Valley were there last night. We think Jackie's out promoting "Nightmare on Elm Street." Len saw Mark two weeks ago when they each were filmed for the HT Season One DVD extras.

Lee Majors and Tim Ohmudson (not sure I spelled that right) were guest stars in last night's episode, and they were also at the screening. Armand Assante, also in the episode, was not. I remember seeing Armand Assante sitting at a table with Lou Diamond Philips at Hugo's in West Hollywood 20 years ago when I was a law clerk at the Writers Guild, west. He does not look the same at all.

Tim Ohmudson is almost unrecognizable, very different from Det. Lassiter (a.k.a., "Lassie"), his regular gig on Psych. Len and I now have an invitation to visit the set of Psych if we get up to Vancouver in September. Len's been invited to be a GOH at a new convention there and our friend good friend Gillian Horvath is working on Sanctuary, so we've got several reasons to consider the trip. There's a good chance Len will go. I'll have to get my passport updated to accompany him or visit Gillian on my own. Tim said he's leaving Friday for the drive to Vancouver where they start shooting a week from Monday. I've done that drive. It's long but beautiful.

We are waiting with fingers crossed that Human Target gets picked up for a second season. If it does, Comic-Con will be a lot more fun in July.

Friday, April 9, 2010

House Hunting

We looked at another house today. It's on a half-acre lot in a neighborhood where I could retire Ace to the back yard. The house has been remodeled, and it does look nice with a big open floor plan down the center, separating the master bedroom from the other three bedrooms, but it just didn't excite either one of us.

We are settling into our own house, and the problems I now have with places that are not substantially larger than ours include:

I don't want to give up having a pantry (we both love this new feature) so any new place is going to need to have a walk-in pantry.

I like the laundry/storage room we've got(the place we saw today has a closet for stacking washer & dryer, but no place for the other stuff you need for laundry.)

I don't want to give up the sparkling refurbished pool with the ducks.

I'm getting attached to the cute little office/guestroom with a DOOR that I'm decorating in a little-horse-crazy-girl motif.

I don't want to have to pack again, and we've still got over 500 boxes at the place in Glendale which took our stuff after the fire. (Thank goodness my sister was here to help me unpack 100 boxes for the kitchen and 6 wardrobe/linen boxes last week. I don't know what I'm going to do about the rest.)

The house we made an offer on in December, which sits in pre-foreclosure hell with a seller and an agent who both appear to be wacko, had the space we needed both inside and out. Five bedrooms, three-and-a-half baths, soaring ceilings in the living room (and room for my dining room table that seats 16), a fire place, a media room which would be good for our 73" tv, an eat-in kitchen, a covered patio, a two-car garage, a view of the valley, and a huge back yard for Dexter. And less than the maximum amount of mortgage for which we've been pre-approved.

Sadly, I don't think it's going to happen. Nothing I've seen since has made me go yaha-at least nothing in my price range. (There's a fabulous place below the Boulevard in Tarzana that takes my breath away, but we'd need another big Lucius Fox check in our hands for that to happen--and we're not expecting one until the next Bat-film.) But, we've got a place for now and as long as interest rates or house prices don't start rising like rockets, we'll probably find something.