Thursday, August 4, 2011


I met Adam Chester because he's an amazing pianist who provided the accompaniment for What's My Line Live on Stage (for which I became the production photographer.)  Adam's accompanied Elton John's band in rehearsals and sung with him in concert.  A few years ago, Adam set up a website where he posted some of the  1300 letters he's received from his over-protective mother over the years.

I understand over-protective mothers.  When I went off to college, mine handed me a 1 pound bag of sugar packets, so people wouldn't spike my breakfast cereal sugar with marijuana.  I am not kidding.

Adam found a publisher (or a publisher found him) and, just in time for Mother's Day, a selection of the letters appeared in book form as S'mother.  Last night, Adam and his mother Joan appeared on The George Lopez  Show.

I don't give my cell phone number to my mother either.