Tuesday, February 2, 2010


My arm is still in a cast, but I may be lucky enough to avoid surgery. On Thursday, this cast is coming off so the surgeon can see a better x-ray. I'm terrified that things will hurt when I try to move the elbow. I want to be able to take a shower and wash my hair without a whole production going on.

Moving the horses got delayed for a month. Ride-on's new facilities weren't ready because of the rain,so we're still at the old place, which is up for sale. If I could convince Len to move to Chatsworth, I'd consider buying it.

The place we made an offer on is in limbo because it turns out the seller's agent has contacted neither the first nor the second mortgage holder to work out a deal and the seller may decide to take the house off the market. I don't claim to know much about real property, but I know a little about contracts, and that smells to high heaven. Unfortunately, we haven't seen anything that works as well for us. So far. At least now we've got a letter saying we've been approved for a loan, so we can jump on something we like. If we find something.

Our old house is moving toward completion. We're meeting with a landscape person on Thursday so we can get the outside tidied up. It looks nice, but it is just too small.

Equine Affaire is this weekend in Pomona. I'm not sure I am going to get out to it because I need someone to drive me. Ashley, who has been riding Ace, is going to compete in the extreme cowboy challenge on her Welsh pony. I'd love to see it.

Speaking of Ace, he is royally pissed at me. I got up to the ranch to pay board last Saturday and he wouldn't come over to see me. When Ashley rode him over, he turned his head away. I wanted to cry. His saddle came back from Schleese, but it is shifting side-to-side. The fitter may be able to come out on Sunday, but Ashley can't be there to ride him and I can't climb into the saddle either. It will be interesting.


Victoria Cummings said...

I'm so sorry that 2010 has started off with all these difficulties for you! You're not alone - things are certainly getting more and more challenging for all of us. I wouldn't worry about Ace snubbing you - it's a good sign that he loves you, and once your arm is better, you'll be able to make it up to him. How lucky that you have good people to care for him!

Grey Horse Matters said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your arm. Hope you won't need surgery. You have a lot of balls in the air right now, I don't know how you do it all.

I wouldn't feel too bad about Ace. He loves you but they just don't understand about our human lives. Dusty is constantly giving me the cold shoulder for some perceived slight to her. Once you're able to see him on a regular basis again I'm sure he'll be fine making up with you for lots of treats. Feel better.