Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Dishes & Horses

I've written a piece about my obsession with dishes for my other blog, but dishes and horses took a big crossover step this week when I acquired pieces of the Gien pattern "Chevaux du Vent" or "Horses of the Wind." Yes, it actually features Arabian Horses. How perfect for me.
The linen towel of this magnificent Arab is going to grace one of the walls in my house. It is off to the frame shop and probably won't come home until after the Belmont Tea I'm holding to watch the third installment of this year's Triple Crown quest.

 If I could afford it, I'd buy an original piece of the artwork, like the piece below, but it is far beyond my means and I can do other things with that money. I like looking at it, though. Arabs are art in motion and the artist has done a good job of capturing this.
I don't speak French beyond a high school semester's training, but here's a link to a video which I think interviews the artist of the line of dishes I am now collecting. (There's an ad first, but it is short.)

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