Thursday, November 29, 2012

Horse Keeping

I got a call from the barn last night that Ace was showing signs of impending colic. After two years where he's been recovering from a leg injury and the better part of two months where we've been dealing with an eye infection of some sort (and too many dollars later from attempted treatments, let me add), I wasn't quite ready to pay for another visit from the vet.

Of course, it was damp and raining, and he's been on bute for weeks, so I thought we should just keep an eye out before calling the vet. The good news is that whatever was not quite right passed and today he seems just fine.

Buying a horse is easy. Keeping a horse is the real problem.

My friend Melinda Snodgrass arrived yesterday from New Mexico because there's a nation-wide showing of her famous episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation tonight (at theatres near you all, actually) and we're going to the screening in Century City with her. "The Measure of a Man" is based on the Dred Scott decision, but it has a happier ending. The screening will be of a restored version--the original screenplay was too long for a one-hour slot, but the editors gave her a video tape without the cuts that were made. Because she had this version, it will appear in the new Blu-ray release.

Melinda bred Ace. And she left New Mexico with her precious boy Vento not acting like himself. It was hard for her to get on the plane, but her vet came out and tubed him and her trainer is there to keep an eye out. We're going to hope that all will be well with both horses.

Melinda and I will be going to look at a Lusitano filly on Saturday. She took Ebony for a test ride about two weeks ago and is trying to decide about buying her. One of the appealing points is that Ebony could make beautiful babies with Vento. I keep reminding her that she sold Ace's sister because she wasn't going to breed horses any longer, but I think the idea of the new babies may win out. Besides, as an upper-level rider, she needs to have another talented horse in the wings.

I found out yesterday that Harry Whitney will be coming to Pierce to do a clinic in February. I've ridden with Harry three times and he has not held a clinic in Southern California in at least seven years.  I am hoping that Ace will be sound enough to do the clinic, and a few rounds with Harry may be just what he needs coming off a two-year lay-up. If he isn't ready, however, I'll probably ride the mustang mare I've been using for the past year. She's a sweetie and it would be a good experience for her as well. We'll see how things go.

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