Thursday, June 7, 2007

This Old House, Part 6

Here's a look at what's being done to the kitchen. This is the partially demolished and partially rebuilt cabinet which will hold the sink. You can see where the upper cabinets used to be. They will be replaced with higher cabinets (they go to the top of the white wall, so I should be able to get one more shelf in each unit--three on the sides and two in the middle. There is now a window to the living room in the center of the wall. I'm still unsure of what the final drawers in the bottom of the cabinet will look like. I was confused when I spoke to the carpenter today. What I do think it means is that I will have less space and I'm not happy abut that.

The whole thing is almost 100 inches long. You'd think that would be plenty of space. Hah!

If you look at the left side, you'll see the clutter going to the utility sink. That's where we may put a stacking washer and dryer. Since the clutter's been put outside, it is so much nicer in that corner. Frankly, taking down all of the storage boxes makes everything feel a lot airier and bigger.

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